Chamber of Customs Brokers Inc.

The Values


Organizational Values

Our values will guide how we behave and how we communicate with each other and the world around us. Organisational values are a set of core beliefs held by our organisation. They act as guiding principles that provide an organisation with purpose and direction and set the tone for its interactions with its partners, employees and other stakeholders.


CCBI understands the need to embrace the highest standards of professionalism by conducting itself through the peak levels of responsibility, accountability, excellence,
and performance. CCBI believes that every Filipino custom broker must perform himself to the highest standards of technical and ethical practices in order to be comparative to the global custom broker. CCBI conducts itself that is worthy of respect, emulation and trust among its partners in the government and the private sector.


CCBI believes that every member is actively pursuant to new knowledge and learning while constantly adapting to the changing times and environment. CCBI strives to possess the drive, passion and idealism in dealing with various stakeholders, particularly its partners in the government and private sector. CCBI continuously seeks for new information, techniques, approaches and technology to ensure better, quality service to the Filipino.


CCBI embraces the adage, “the sum of all parts is greater than the whole,” fully understanding and valuing the importance of every single member in the organization. CCBI understands that every individual is different from the other, has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is the organization’s role to seamlessly make these work when combined that would be paramount. CCBI believes in the value of unity – when its members would solidly put itself
behind the organization and setting aside their personal interests.


CCBI serves as the model of integrity among professional organizations when it comes to dealing with its government and private partners. CCBI is committed to upholding strong moral principles and uprightness that are grounded in honesty and fair play. CCBI subscribes itself to the highest degree of morality, basing its decision not just on the legal perspective but also from the moral standpoint.

Social Responsibility

CCBI responds to the needs of the Filipino community, particularly those who are in dire need of livelihood and community development support. CCBI understands that its success as an institution necessitates a “pay it forward” attitude, where giving back and sharing its resources to others would only make every member as better individuals. CCBI values projects that have a longer and more lasting impact to the community it is supporting.