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AEO Implementation: Philippines Make It Easy for Traders

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) and several Philippine Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGAs) engaged in a sequence of national workshops conducted in Metro Manila last March 2023. These workshops were designed to provide BOC and TRGAs with the necessary knowledge and resources for crafting fresh policies and protocols to enhance trade facilitation in the Philippines. The emphasis was on E-Commerce, Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), and Integrated Risk Management (IRM) initiatives.

Over 50 attendees joined in person, while over 100 participated online from the BOC and RGAs for the inaugural workshop on Enhancing Security Measures in the International Supply Chain via the AEO program. The event showcased AEO specialists from Indonesia, Moldova, and the European Union, who presented insights from their respective nations and shared their experiences with the AEO initiative, delving into effective implementation strategies. Attendees expressed appreciation for the workshop’s enriching and insightful content. The National Workshop on Advanced Principles of Supply Chain Management attracted over 60 participants, both in-person and online, keen on enhancing policy measures for the E-Commerce, Integrated Risk Management (IRM), and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs of the Bureau of Customs (BOC).


Government speakers provided invaluable insights into the collaborative efforts among agencies to enact e-commerce policies, with a specific focus on Digital Risk Management within the Supply Chain context. Notably, a panel comprising female senior officials at Director, Chief, and Deputy Commissioner levels highlighted the significance of inter-agency cooperation in policy implementation, underscoring diversity and expertise in governance. The event served as a pivotal platform for the BOC and TRGAs (Trade-Related Government Agencies) to glean wisdom from international experts, fostering the development of progressive policies and procedures. This knowledge exchange aimed to streamline trade processes in the Philippines, aligning with broader economic growth objectives and poverty alleviation endeavors. By harnessing insights from both local and global perspectives, attendees sought to refine strategies for effectively managing supply chains amidst the burgeoning e-commerce landscape. Ultimately, the workshop aimed to bolster the nation’s trade facilitation framework, promoting efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity to drive sustainable economic advancement.

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The ARISE Plus Philippines project has orchestrated a series of workshops designed to empower Philippine exporters by capitalizing on market access opportunities within the European Union (EU) and leveraging trade privileges provided by the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP+). This initiative serves as a pivotal mechanism in fortifying the trade relationship between the EU and the Philippines, while also bolstering the implementation of trade-related policies.

Initiated by the Government of the Philippines, ARISE Plus Philippines operates with the Department of Trade and Industry at the helm, in collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, Bureau of Customs, Department of Science and Technology, and active involvement from the private sector. This multi-agency partnership underscores a concerted effort to enhance the competitiveness of Philippine exporters in the global market.

Funded by the EU, ARISE Plus Philippines enjoys the support of the International Trade Centre (ITC) as its technical agency, symbolizing a commitment to providing expertise and guidance for the project’s successful implementation. Through targeted workshops and capacity-building initiatives, ARISE Plus Philippines aims to equip local exporters with the requisite knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of international trade, particularly in accessing and maximizing opportunities within the EU market.

By facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, ARISE Plus Philippines endeavors to foster a conducive environment for trade expansion, economic growth, and sustainable development. Furthermore, the project’s efforts are aligned with broader national objectives of enhancing export competitiveness, stimulating economic activity, and ultimately contributing to the prosperity of the Philippines.

   Editor: Rod Villanueva

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