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Situated in Manila, Philippines, the PCCBI boasts a membership exceeding 15,000 customs brokers. These experts oversee more than 97% of imported goods entries, actively participating in the logistics of these products. Furthermore, PCCBI members hold a crucial role in approximately 85% of the nation’s export-import operations, underscoring their substantial contribution to facilitating trade movements.

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Philippine Chamber of Customs Brokers Inc. (PCCBI) President Dr. Anthony Cristobal highlights the important role of customs brokers in the Philippine government’s fight against smuggling and the promotion of trade facilitation in a recent interview of CNN’s The Exchange with Rico Hizon – a leading television program about business.

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Ex-works Cargo

Rod Villanueva

Our Services: Sea Freight Forwarder, Customs Brokerage, Air Freight Forwarder, Project Cargo, Trucking Service.

Nague Malic Magnawa & Associates

Ferdinand Nague

Our Services: Customs Clearance, Trade Compliance, EDI Capabilities, Global Trade Research, Pre and Post Entry Compliance, Account Management.

Llave Review & Training Center

Jesselle Llorando

Our Services: CPD Provider for Customs Brokers, Comprehensive Review Classes for the CBLE, Diploma Course in Customs Administration and Supply Chain Management, Supplies CMTA Books and others

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The new PCCBI as organization may regularly identify areas of improvement to ensure our operations are effective and efficient. The strategy we used to generate solutions for these areas is continuous improvement. In this sense, it allows us to identify ways to streamline processes for the benefit of our stakeholders.

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The main reasons for organizing an event are to create awareness, build reputation, and effectively convey our message. It provides great exposure to our ceremony, which can be beneficial for our organization and partners in more than one way.

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CCBI you are doing so well. As a senior, I am looking forward have more IT support that will guide and support us each step of the way to go with this new technology that will help us to grow our knowledge and to face us to look forward to the new beginnings.

Leonida De Leon Licensed Customs Broker

The online services left a positive impression. Kudos to the team responsible for their responsiveness and assistance in addressing concerns. These services effectively fulfill our needs when compared to in-person methods. However, I haven't fully explored all services yet.

Ryzah Magtibay Licensed Customs Broker

We've attempted importing twice, but profitability seems elusive due to the substantial "landed cost". My research has predominantly pointed to this site. I look forward to the possibility of obtaining a list of reputable customs brokers for future comparisons, and not just surveys. 🙂

Richard Patubo
Richard Patubo Proprietor

I'm impressed by the innovative approach taken to streamline transactions for customs broker members. This initiative has significantly simplified processes, making it easier and more efficient for members to navigate their responsibilities. Nice move for innovation!

Sharmaine Regondola
Sharmaine Regondola Licensed Customs Broker

The transition from face-to-face interactions to these online services has been highly commendable. The team behind this transformation deserves praise. The blogging feature, which not only enhances member knowledge but also contributes to public awareness.

Eunisa Ninalga
Euni Niñalga Licensed Customs Broker

Kudos on launching the new interactive website that showcases the activities of our organization! It's truly remarkable how this platform highlights the depth and breadth of our profession, making it more accessible and visible to the public eye. Mabuhay ang Filipino Customs Brokers!

Angelene Rosadiño
Angelene Rosadiño Licensed Customs Broker

I am thrilled to extend my heartfelt commendation to you for your exceptional responsiveness and invaluable guidance in response to my inquiry about potential export business activities. Your prompt attention to my inquiry was not only impressive but also greatly appreciated.

Sheila Suarez
Sheila Suarez Entrepreneur

Although I am not yet familiar with your organization, my recent exploration into import activities led me to discover your insightful blogs. Your blog posts not only clarified the importance of engaging a customs broker on navigating the complexities of customs regulations.

Gelyn Bernardo
Gelyn Bernardo Business Owner

Wow, the new CCBI website is truly impressive! The exclusive dashboard for members is a game-changer, bringing together everything a customs broker needs in one convenient place. Kudos to the team for creating such a user-friendly and comprehensive platform!

Sarah Jean Pecore
Sarah Jean Pecore Licensed Customs Broker

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